Consulting to Advocacy and Everything In Between

As a full service firm, our team of attorneys are ready to tackle any project in the field, whether it’s lobbying the local and state governments or finding the right real estate for your future business, we offer unmatched service provided with exceptional diligence.


Beginning with the initial interview, our team of attorneys will identify your specific needs and aspirations and tailor a business plan that fits perfectly to those goals. Beyond incorporation and licensing, our firm will assist in acquiring the right real estate in the best suited location for future business. From incorporation to continued compliance and representation, our firm will be with you every step of the way.

Connecting People

There is always trepidation when a new industry is developed; however, our knowledgeable team of attorneys can quell this fear by connecting you with the network of specialists you need. Whether you need botanists or retail specialists, our firm knows the people who will help you succeed. From growers to sellers, and buyers to investors, Pennsylvania’s first medical marijuana law firm has the expertise and connections to guide and assist you.

Building the Future

In addition to addressing the immediate needs of our clients, we encourage them to see the bigger picture. The regulated cultivation and sale of marijuana beyond medicinal use is a very real and exciting possibility in Pennsylvania, and those with an established medical marijuana business will be best positioned to capture the market when that time comes. We are aware, however, that the expansion of the industry must be based on responsible growth and reasonable regulation. As such, our firm is not looking to build an industry focused solely on profits. As advocates lobbying for medical marijuana reform, we believe that it is our responsibility to work with individuals interested in building an industry of which we can all be proud.